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Contact the team at GunPro in Portsmouth for your powder and primer requirements.

I bought my first handguns in July 1984 - 9mm Browning pistol and a Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver.


In September 1984, with a box of 50 rounds of 9mm parabellum ammunition costing the staggeringly high price of £8.00, I embarked on the journey to become a lifelong home-loader.


Along with most other UK shooters, I feel the frustration caused by the unreliable supply of primers and propellants.


The current, national shortage of primers (with the exception of those being sold at ludicrously high and unfair prices by some non-shooting RFD’s) is likely to continue until late summer 2023 and as a result of the hit & miss supply of many of my personal favourite propellants, I’ve started to use Ramshot powders in my own firearms.


Unfortunately, I currently only have pistol primers in stock and therefore, regrettably suggest (but not condone) that unless you are one of my existing customers, that along with myself, I recommended over a year ago to stock-up on primers ahead of the impending shortage, then you have no choice but buy primers from the unscrupulous RFD’s that are taking financial advantage of this depressing situation that we shooters presently find ourselves in.


Historically, my go-to powders to use in my own firearms, have been Vihtavuori N140, Reloader 15, Reloader 7, RS60, RS62 and RS50 and with these propellants now being tricky to regularly obtain, I have started to use Ramshot powders in my own firearms.


As an RFD, I have been assured that I shall always be able to have a reliable supply of Ramshot powders and therefore, it seemed logical to me, to start load development for my own guns, using Ramshot powders.


I am now using Ramshot Wild Boar, Ramshot Tac and Ramshot Enforcer in my rifles.


I have no intention of trying to tell my fellow shooters how to suck eggs or that they should switch to and purchase Ramshot propellents from GunPro.


What I am stating, is that I’m currently stocking and using Ramshot powders and so far am very happy with the results that I’m getting.





GunPro Director


Ramshot wild boar loading data
Western Powders handloading guide


Remington large pistol primers
Wild Boar Powder
Federal ammunition small rifle

Remington Large Pistol Primers

Pack of 1000 (also available in packs of 100). Suitable for large rifles.

Ramshot powders

Originally developed for the 270 Win., but also superb for the .30-06 Spring. cartridges. A genuine alternative for shooters who are looking for a straightforward, honest, easy-to-use propellant powder for magnum cartridges in light and medium-weight applications.

Federal Small Rifle Primers

Pack of 1000 (also available in packs of 100). Suitable for small rifles.

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