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Important information regarding the possesion of firearms and shotguns without a valid certificate from the team at GunPro Ltd.

Possession of Firearms and Shotguns
Without a Valid Certificate

(Guns on expired certificates can be lodged / stored with us for a weekly fee)
We offer a free service to dispose of or destroy your unwanted or illegally held guns

GunPro Ltd are authorised to accept shotguns, rifles, pistols and ammunition from members of the general public that have had such items come into their possession without having lawful authority to own.

Whether an heirloom, gift, war-trophy or they are just not wanted anymore, Section 1(1) of the Firearms Act 1968, creates an ‘absolute offence’ of having possession of a firearm or ammunition without a valid firearm certificate.

Section 2(1) of the Firearms Act 1968, creates an offence of having possession of a shotgun without a valid shotgun certificate.

Nobody wants to innocently fall foul of the law. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as ‘ignorance in the eyes of the law.’

GunPro Ltd are authorised to accept and undertake the legal disposal of surrendered, unlicenced firearms and if of historical interest or importance, arrange for them to be transferred to a suitable museum.

Help us to prevent unlicensed or no longer wanted firearms potentially falling into the hands of criminals.

We do NOT make a charge for the disposal of unlawfully possessed guns.


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