Reload Swiss RS24 Pistol Powder – we developed our RS24 propellant powder in cooperation with the IPSC national champion, especially for the Open Division. However, the powder can also be used in other large-bore handgun cartridges.

Standard calibres

  • 9 mm Major
  • .38 Super Auto
  • 9 x 21
  • .40 S&W with heavy bullets
  • .357 Magnum
  • .44 Rem. Mag.

Packaging units

500 g can + 4 kg drum

Powder type

RS24 is an extruded single-based propellant powder based on nitrocellulose. A unique impregnation method using nitroglycerine assures top performance.

Safe service life

If properly stored, the propellant powder remains safe to use for up to ten years.

Verification tolerances

Batch-to-batch tolerance:
v5 ±12 m/s
pmax ±250 bar