Ase Utra Northstar Moderator – The Ase Utra NorthStar NS-3B suppressors are robust and effective suppressors designed for centre fire calibre rifles up to 9.3×66 Sako calibre. Manufactured in Finland by Ase Utra Oy, the NorthStar NS-3B suppressors are all-steel, welded units rated for hunting, sport shooting or professional use on bolt-action or semi-automatic weapons. The standard NorthStar NS-3B suppressors add 660-700grams net weight and 100 mm net length to a typical rifle – and with a max. diameter of 47.5 mm. The NorthStar NS-3B suppressors are available with a variety of internal threads to fit directly onto the rifle barrel.

Standard threads include for example; M14x1, M17x1,M18x1, ½”x20 UNF, to fit most current centrefire rifles. PERFORMANCE The NorthStar NS-3B suppressors reduce the weapon sound pressure level by 25-28 dB (depending on calibre and ammunition type), and significantly reduces recoil and muzzle flash. The result is a weapon firing full power ammunition, with a muzzle signature lowerthan that of an unsuppressed .22 rimfire rifle. All standard rifles tested with the NorthStar suppressors comply with the latest personal noise exposure limit set by European Directive 2003/10/EC (140 Pa or137 dB(C)).